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Andhra Pradesh is famous for pretensions rich cultural heritage, fabulous historical monuments, religious sites, wildlife sanctuaries enrich in fauna and flora and hill stations with breathtaking natural attractiveness.

Historical Sites

Charminar: Rising to the amazing height of 180 ft, Charminar was assembled in 1591 by Muhammad Quli Qutub Shah. The great part of the architecture is adorned with intricate carvings and four surprising minarets.

Golconda Fort: The formidable Golconda Fort is evidence to the wonderful bygone era. The fort was built in the 16th century and is reachable through eight ‘darwazas’, the major one is Fateh Darwaza, famed for its acoustic effects.

Hill stations

Anantagiri Hills: Escape the heat of plains by visiting the lovely Anatagiri hills. With healthy air and refreshing natural brilliance, the hill station mesmerizes every traveler.

Horsley Hills: It explores unbelievable landscapes and lofty mountains of Horsley hill resort. It is a glory for nature lovers to spend leisurely moments in the serene atmosphere and enjoy the panoramic view of lush green environments.

Araku Valley: Araku valley is one of the most calming hill station in Andhra Pradesh. Covered in a pastoral beauty, deep valleys, shimmering gushing water, and lush greenery enchant the visitor’s mind and soul.


Rishikonda beach: It is a perfect location to relax and unwind the holiday makers. Warm sandy stretches and surfs of the ocean make this place worth staying.

Ramakrishna beach: It is a famous beach of Visakhapatnam, bestowed with tranquil environ and serene waters.

Bheemunipatnam beach: This peaceable beach is the best place for honeymooners to spend romantic moments amidst the blue waters and coconut trees swaying in a cool breeze.

Wildlife sanctuaries

Shivaram Wildlife Sanctuary: The nature preserve is a great delight for wildlife supporters. It is home to the high density of fresh water crocodiles.

Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary: Established in 1964, the sanctuary inhabits diverse fauna species such as Panther, Nilga, Cheetal, Sambar, Tiger etc and avian species like a peacock, eagles, partridge etc.

Manhira Wildlife Sanctuary: Diverse species of birds with breeding and migratory are the inhabitants of Manhira wildlife and bird sanctuary.

Explore some attractive magnetism of the state during Andhra Pradesh travel.

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