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Top Travel Destinations In India

goa Goa is located on the western coast of India in the coastal belt, which is well known as Konkan. This place is famous as “Tourist Paradise’ and “Pearl of the Orient’. Goa is among one of the states that involve numerous fabulous beaches. Besides, stunning seas and beaches, it has magnificent temples and forts, impressive churches, extraordinary history, natural picturesque and rich culture. You can also view the creative pattern of architecture in temples, churches and in the old houses that made Goa the best destination and offer one special motive to visit here. There are thousands of travelers visit here every year from all around the world. Panaji is the capital of this state, which also offers the link between the old Goa and the beaches. Every nook and corner of this lovely city give replication of Portuguese tradition with grand public buildings, old houses assisting with overhanging balconies and number of bars and cafes. So we hope India by Drive is going to offer several excited places along with never fade memories of the trip.

Goa has several destinations where you can spend your holidays along with your family or either with your friends. This is only the destination where everybody can enjoy while on their Goa tour. We are giving a small description of the most famous destination which is as follow.

Here is some place to visit in Goa :-

<b>Goa Forts:</b>

Goa has various things to grasp and feel the peace. You can easily detect the colorful side of the attractive city and the festivals are one of the best events. If you are looking to gather past glory then it is just an incredible destination, because Goa forts are the best eye witness of the past glory. They will easily reflect the retro of a bygone era and their essence of wonder that they are still feeling. Every fort of the state involve a tale and they speak while moving there. If we say briefly Goa forts have serene beauty and Attraction. The forts express creative design during the time span of Portuguese whereas some have Hindu and Muslim implication.

Chapora Fort:

Chapora Forts is located enclosed to Anjuna beach, which was built by Adil Shah of Bijapur. This fort gives an opportunity to see the sea as it is located the top of a cliff, on the coast of Anjuna beach.

<b>Aguada Fort:</b>

Aguada Fort is another well-known fort in Goa, which was made by the Portuguese during the period of 1612 A.D. The structure of the fort is mainly done to protect Goa from the outside enemy attacks, which was usually followed by the sea. Aguada refers to the Portuguese God that signifies as a meaning of “Water.” This destination is a major hub in this state. Nowadays it has been converted into the central jail.

<b>Terekhol Fort:</b>

This fort is built by the Maharaja of Sawanwadi near the banks of the Terekho river. It was rebuilt in the year 1764 by the Portuguese, but now this fort is turned into the heritage hotel. Tourists can enjoy the scenic view of the sea for long hours and grasp rich legacy of this exciting state.

We hope India by Drive will offer you several excitements and make your journey memorable. You will really get some never faded memories during the trip of Goa.

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